Apo 80/480 Triplet FPL-53


Apo 80/480 Triplet FPL-533

Lead-managed by TS, this high quality triplet apochromat with an FPL53 ED element has been designed to be an optimal travel scope. Even at highest magnifications, the image is kept free of false colour and has a high grade of correction. The fast f/6 system is not only short and compact; it also gives the short exposure times astro photographers want.

The advantages of the TS Triplet Apo 80/480mm
- Air spaced Triplet APO Objective 80/480mm
- FPL-53 by O'Hara for optimal colour correction
- Retractable dewcap - allows a transport length of only 355mm
- Universal saddle plate with 1/4" photo tripod thread
- 2" Crayford focuser with 1:11 dual speed transmission
- Overwhelming 5.5° field of view with adequate 2" eyepiece
- In combination with the 2" TS flattener an exceptional and fast photo Apo
- One of the best coatings we've ever seen - no disturbing reflections
- Delivery in a robust aluminium travel case

Dual speed Crayford focuser
The 2" Crayford focuser with 1:11 transmission allows precise focusing and keeps even heavy accessories at the focal plane. The force of three radial locking screws is transmitted by a brass clamping ring. The focuser is rotatable by 360° in order to provide the optimal camera position.

TS Field Flattener
Perfectly flat focal plane with full illumination of 37mm diameter. So this telescope becomes a specialist for astro photography with fast f/6 photographic speed and very high contrast. Included in the 199 Euro package price is the TSFlat2A adapter kit.

Apo 80/480 Triplet FPL-53
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Apo 80/480 Triplet FPL-53 with TS off-axis guider OAG27, adapters
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Technical details

Manufacturer: TS
Model: Air-spaced Triplet APO Objective - APO Element FPL53
Aperture: 80 mm
Focal length: 480 mm
F/ ratio: f/6
Weight: 3,5 kg
Tube outside diameter: 89 mm
Tube length with retracted dew cap 355 mm

Delivered with order

• Triplet Apo 80/480mm
• 2" crayford focuser with 1,25" reduction
• 2" TS Flattner
• TSFlat Adapterkit
• T2-Ring (please specify camera!)
• solid alu transport case

Off-Axis-Guider-Version additionally:
TSFlat2 Adapterkit (instead TSFlat), TSVF220 Verlängerung, TSOAG27 off-axis guider, TST2V10 Adapter,
Apo 80/480 Triplet FPL-53 Apo 80/480 Triplet FPL-53